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Barbara Rush in The Golden Age

Selected shows I've directed ...

Relative Values
  • The Golden Age, A.R. Gurney
  • Relative Values, Noel Coward
  • The Homecoming, Harold Pinter
  • Travesties, Tom Stoppard
  • Virginia, Edna O'Brien
  • Welcome Transients, Rosalyn Drexler
  • Quarteremaine's Terms, Simon Gray

Night Must Fall

The Fox
  • Night Must Fall, Emyln Williams
  • The Fox, D.H. Lawrence
  • Butley, Simon Gray
  • Otherwise Engaged, Simon Gray
  • A Delicate Balance, Edward Albee
  • Hay Fever, Noel Coward
  • Eleemosynary, Lee Blessing
  • Rope, Patrick Hamilton

Master Class
  • Master Class, David Pownal
  • Sherlock Holmes &
    The Shakespeare Solution
    , Peter Donat, B. Gould
  • The Moon & Sixpence, Charles Higham
  • Bones of Simon Bottle, Mal Karman
  • To Bessie With Love, Frank E. Reilly
  • Salute to Saloon Tunes, Frank E. Reilly
  • Remembering Sophie Tucker, Frank E. Reilly

* I was the Co-Founder and Managing/Artistic Director of The Chamber Theater in San Francisco, from '84 to '02.