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Educating Rita with Jennifer Grimes
The Chamber Theater

High On Pilet's Bluff
Berkeley Stage Co.
  • Educating Rita, Willy Russell
  • The Sea, Edward Bond
  • Cement, Heinre Muller
  • Hamlet II, Sam Borick
  • Macbeth, Wm. Shakespeare

Mrs. Warren's Profession
CA Conservatory Theater

The Taming of the Shrew
American Conservatory Theatre
  • Mrs. Warren's Profession, G. B. Shaw
  • High On Pilet's Bluff, R. Garlinghouse
  • Murder in the Cathedral, T. S. Eliot
  • Funny Old Man, Tadeucz Rosenwich
  • Hadrian VII, Peter Luke
  • Blithe Spirit, Noel Coward
  • Tinker's Wedding, John Synge
  • See How They Run, Philip King
  • Last Acts, Maryane Datson
  • Faith Healer, Brian Friel
  • Shadow of the Glen, John Synge

Faith Healer with Patrick Duffy and Veronica Seiter
The Chamber Theater

Two By Synge
The Chamber Theater

The Enforcer

Hurry Up And Wait!

What a thrill to ask Dirty Harry “What the hell are you doing?”, to steal Loni Anderson's earrings right off her beautiful ears, to kiss Valerie Harper, to make Carol Burnett laugh by ad-libbing a line ....

  • The Enforcer [Film] – Waiter, opposite Clint Eastwood
  • Dead Pool [Film] – Coroner, opposite Clint Eastwood
  • Partners In Crime [TV Series] – Lester, opposite Loni Anderson
  • Grass Is Greener Over Septic Tank [CBS TV Special] – Brother Bud,
    opposite Carol Burnett
  • Stolen, One Husband [TV Special] – Frank, Valerie Harper's best friend
  • Smile Like Yours [Film] – opposite Laura Holley and Joan Cusack
  • Midnight Caller [TV Series] – Barry Moser, jeweller
  • Tucker: A Man and His Dream [Film] – Radio Announcer,
    directed by Francis Ford Coppola
  • Lady of the House [Film] – Frank the Millionaire, directed by Ralph Nelson
  • True Believer [Film] – opposite James Woods
  • Empire Falls [HBO Special] – Florida Customer
  • Freebie & the Bean [Film]