New York     •     San Francisco     •     Portland, Maine

Playwriting can be tricky, if not down “write” evasive!

     If I don't hear the voices talking to me, usually at 3 AM, there is nothing on paper. But when they begin to talk, and that can happen anywhere, anytime: be ready to record on anything that's available!

     Don't, under any circumstances, trust your memory, especially when you're over a certain age ....

     Here are the results to date of what those voices have been saying to me:

A Green Sky … Swan's Island, Maine: where we find a young couple, ninth-generation Mainers, interfacing with another young couple straight from the high life of New York City. Full-length play.
Rose … Rose is a 42-year-old woman with the mental capacity of a 7 year old, albeit a precocious, conniving 7 year old, and how she affects the lives of her family and friends. As told by her older sister and guardian. Full-length play.
Post Haste … The year: 1914. Etiquette doyenne Emily Post sets out in her roadster on a cross-country journey to report on the first coast-to-coast highway and the Pan-Pacific Exhibition in San Francisco. Full-length play.
They Didn't Call Me Dandy … The year: 1964. A slick ad executive comes face-to-face with the realities of his excesses in one day. (Written pre-"Mad Men" TV series). One act play with 10-minute version.
Understanding Hearts … Created in collaboration with Hank Beebe. A two character musical based on the romance of Dolly and James Madison. Full-length musical.
Abe & George … A 10-minute fireside chat between Abe Lincoln and George W. Bush. 10-minute play.
Cemetery … A middle-aged couple find joy and enlightenment picnicking at various cemeteries. 10-minute play.
Ascension (in progress) … A play at play. Eight characters interwoven by the incredible experience of one man alone in a world very few will ever reach or even imagine. Planned to be a full-length play.